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Nazca Tours

Nazca Tours

Discover with us the The Mysteries of the Nazca Culture, Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs are the largest archaeological mysteries in the world.

In Peru, 450 kilometers south of the City of Lima and near the Pacific Ocean, are the pampas of Ingenio, Nazca, Palpa and Socos. Between the town of Palpa and the town of Nazca, in the Socos pampa, these lines drawn on the ground are located, whose width ranges between 40 and 210 centimeters.
This is a blackish-reddish land that turns violet at dusk. A semicircle of hills in the distance form a gigantic natural amphitheater open to the west.

In this region thousands of lines extend over 520 km², and some even extend to an area of 800 km².

Line lengths are variable. Some can measure up to 275 m long.

Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs are one of the greatest archaeological mysteries in the world, they are located in the provinces of Nasca and Palpa in the Ica region.

The Nazca Culture was an ancient civilization and it is said that they were the ones who made the Nazca Lines,

These figures are considered the greatest ancient mystery in South America.

The most representative are the drawings of animals: giant hummingbirds, condors, the heron, the crane, the pelican, the seagull, the parrot, a monkey, a spider, a snail, a whale, a dog with long legs and a tail, a anthropomorphic figure, two llamas, a lizard, an iguana, a lizard, and a snake. Many of the drawings are mixed with lines and spirals.

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