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Ballestas Islands and Paracas Reserve full day

Paracas has a hot climate, a desert, rocky, sandy geography with a contrast of colors by the minerals found there and its beautiful palyas, in...
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US$ 40 per person

Tours in Paracas Oasis Costa Rica

2 Days
Paracas offers a different adventure with bugy and sandboard, sleeping in a cabin in middle of the desert and surrounded by a beautiful lagoon. Tour 2019.
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US$ 249 per person


PARAPENT  ¿Do you like heights?  Don´t miss the opportunity to see Paracas from another point of view. Fly alongside the birds and watch from...
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US$ 100 per person

Ballestas Island & Paracas National Reserve Full day

BALLESTAS ISLAND  & PARACAS NATIONAL RESERVE  Paracas has approximately 5000 inhabitants, has a hot climate, a desert, rocky, sandy geography...
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US$ 40
Tour Paracas, Huacachina, Nazca from Lima, ending in Arequipa or Cusco

Tours Paracas Ica Huacachina Quiet for Pregnant Women

1 Day
Tours Paracas Ica Huacachina Quiet for Pregnant Women This itinerary is perfect for pregnant women and adults who do not want an adventure tour...
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US$ 185 per Person
Reserva NAcional de Paracas

Trekking and Bike to Paracas Reserve Full Day from Paracas

Bike trekking to Paracas National Reserve is an adventure leaving by bike from Paracas towards the supay beach within the reserve & walk to Paracas Reserve
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US$ 159 per person

Adventure Buggy & Sandboarding with visit to the Moron lagoon

Adventure with Buggy to the Moron lagoon is an activity from Paracas Peru here you will see the impressive landscape of the desert, dunes in contrast with Moron Oasis Lagoon which is surrounded by its own vegetation and reeds which are home to several species of birds,
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Private Taxi from Lima Airport

Taxis in Paracas, Taxis and Transfers from Lima Jorge Chavez Airport to Paracas, Ica Nazca & more, security and punctuality at your service. Safe taxi 2019.
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Hotel Ponderosa Paracas

Check Inn 14:00 hrs & Check Out 12:00 hrs
The Ponderosa Paracas invites you to enjoy a vacation, resting in the comforts of a private room in a cozy Peruvian house, all in a charming neighborhood just a few minutes from El Chaco and the best places in Paracas.
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Paracas Ica City Tour & Tour Buggy & Sandbaording in Huacachina

This tour starts from Paracas we will pick up for you at your hotel or bus station then we will visit the most popular wineries in Ica city where the local people make the most famous peruvian brand named PISCO. Then we will visit then we will visit the traditional dowtown and the oasis of Huacachina.
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US$ 79 per Person
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