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Fishing Tour
Locación: Paracas
Precio: USD 59 per person
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Fishing Tour in Paracas

Fishing Tour

Fishing Tour


Paracas Fishing Tour 

Experiential Fishing in Paracas



Fishing tour in Paracas, it is a new experience that you will have in doing experiential fishing, you will be able to swim in the Pacific ocean within the Paracas reserve,

you will have the opportunity to fish with a line, in the traditional way and at the same time you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape, that nature offers us, in this part of the Paracas Reserve, and you will also enjoy a ceviche prepared from the same catch of the moment.



  • Viaje en bote en nuestro mar de Paracas
  • Pesca a cordel de forma artesanal
  • Podrán disfrutar de un ceviche preparado con la pesca del momento
  • Podrás nadar en la playa de la reserva de Paracas.


08:30 a.m. In the morning at the coordinated time we start the fishing tour with the pick up from your hotel in Paracas or from the Cruz del Sur station in Parcas then transfer in private mobility to the small pier of Lagunillas;

Upon arrival presentation of the members of the small crew, and brief explanation of the route to be taken and safety instructions, then the boarding of the visitors and the materials to be used will proceed.

We will set sail from the Lagunillas pier towards the area established for fishing,

during the course of the tour we will appreciate the imposing sea in contrast to the reddish-yellowish desert.

While we expand the information about the place that is being visited and the importance of the Paracas National Reserve and its biodiversity that is housed in our sea, at the same time informing the importance of the human being of respecting nature.

After navigating the Lagunillas and El Raspón beaches we will arrive at La Mina beach and we will anchor in front where we will prepare our fishing equipment with a line and our expert local fisherman will give us the guidelines to follow to have a good fishing with which we will prepare a ceviche. After enjoying this fresh and exquisite marine dish we will have time to swim in the sea.

Also we will make a small offering to the sea, in the form of gratitude committing ourselves to protect and not alter the biological balance that exists here.

Finally we will return to the Lagunillas pier to return to Paracas in our private car.

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