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Duración: 4 Horas
Locación: Nazca
Precio: US$ 50 por Persona
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 Tours in Nazca with Buggy to the Dunes of Usaca Acueducto & Cahucahi

The Dunes of Usaca in Nazca located on the west side of Nazca allows us to enjoy a different adventure out of the ordinary, we have prepared a tour in Nazca performing it with a buggy combining the Nazca desert traveling a large part of the valley of Nazca, visiting archaeological sites as pre-hinca cemeterie, Aqueduct of Ocongalla, we will also visit in Nazca the Ceremonial Center of Cahuachi.

Dunne Buggy in Nazca Acueducto & Cahucahi.

We have 2 Daily Departures:

First departure: 07:15 a.m.

Second Departure: 14:15 Hrs.

Tour description:

This is a tour that will share with other people in a transport known as Buggy or Tubular which are suitable for the desert, On our tour we will visit archaeological sites as pre-Inca cemeteries where you can see original tombs containing mummies together with archaeological objectswith which they were buried, We will also enter the Ocongalla Aqueduct located in the Nazca Valley, Ocongalla Acueduct was built approximately 500 ADThis is one of the beautiful attractions, in Nazca, the water flows from the deepest part of the earth, and around there are medicinal plantations like the sauce, the and the higuerilla.

The ancient Nazca civilization for its construction of this Acueduct used stones of boulder extracted from the Nazca River irrigating the nearby agricultural crops.

Then we will go to the ceremonial center of Cahuachi which is built with adobe and is composed of several truncated pyramids was the Ceremonial Center, and most important Ritual of the Nazca Civilization and was developed between the 400 years D.C

Then we will drive to the adventure and climb with the buggy on the dunes doing tricks and making stops in the high dunes to practice the Sandboard, our driver and guide will teach them safely how to slide on the sand.

Duration of the tour: 4 hours


All services and transfers according to the itinerary.
 Pick up from your hotel.
 Desert Tour with Buggy & Sandboarding.
 Visit to the Ocongalla Acueduct and Pre-Inca Cemetery.
 Visit to the Cahuachi Ceremonial Center.
 Tourist Entraces fee.
Local Guide.
Transfer to your hotel

Does not include: