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Overflight Nazca Lines from Pisco Airport 2023



  • Pick up from your hotel in Paracas
  • Tour duration: Full Day
  • Minimum required: 02 passengers
  • Anticipation of reservation: Anticipated coordination.
  • Type of service: Personalized
  • Availability: Every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (The exact time will be confirmed one day before the tour).
  • Tour language: Spanish / English

Terms and Conditions 



Nazca Lines from Pisco

Nazca Lines from PiscoNazca Lines from Pisco

Flight in a Plane Nazca Lines from Pisco Airport



From Paracas you have the opportunity to fly over the Nazca lines,  you wiill flight from Pisco airport; it is located 20 minutes  from Paracas by car.

Why the Nasca lines are among Peru’s greatest mysteries
The lines drawn in geometric patterns and distinct animal shapes across the Peruvian desert have inspired many theories over the years;

The Nazca lines are found in a region of Peru just over 200 miles southeast of Lima, near the modern town of Nasca.

In total, there are over 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs, also called biomorphs. Some of the straight lines run up to 30 miles, while the biomorphs range from 50 to 1200 feet in length (as large as the Empire State Building).


  • Archaeological visits
  • Guided visits
  • Historical visits


About the aircraft:

  • Cessna Grand Caravan.
  • Single turboprop.
  • High wing design for greater visibility.
  • 2 aft doors: entrance and emergency.
  • Individual window seats on both cabin sides.

Safety features and policies:

  • Safety features and policies:
  • Oxygen masks and fire extinguishers.
  • First aid kit • Modern aircraft with highly trained pilots.
  • Constant aircraft maintenance.
  • Compliance with DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics) regulations.
  • Planes flown by ATSA, professionals in handling private aircraft.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about history, culture and more
  • Each seat of the avioenta has its own window to clearly observe the lines


08.30. a.m.  For the overflight Nazca Lines; This service begins with the pick up from your hotel in Paracas and transfer to the Pisco Airport, (from Paracas to Pisco airport is a 20 minute trip); from here  you will  flight the Nazca Lines, lasting 1 hour 45 minutes,

The type of aircraft used for tourist services are Grand Caravan aircraft of 12 seats each with a window seat so you can appreciate the figures correctly.

During this flight you will see perfect representations of large animals, such as birds, including a condor, a hummingbird, a pelican, a parrot among others. As for the other species, you will see a big monkey, a spider, a whale, a lizard, and a famous design known as the astronaut.

Besides the designs you can also find hundreds of lines that run throughout the desert and large geometric shapes that resemble huge runways.

After the flight we will board our private mobility to transfer to Paracas to your hotel.

End of the Services

PRICE: US$ 299 per Person


Private Transfers  from your hotel in Paracas to Pisco airport ( pick up and dropp off )
Permanent assistance
Tourist Guide
Overflight Nazca Lines from Pisco airport

Not Includes:

Airport Tax.  US$ 5.00



  • Do not eat heavy food before the flight to the birth lines
  • If you travel as a family, you must carry the documents of all the children.
  • Do not forget to take your identity document or passport with you to board the plane.




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