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Tour in Chincha
Locación: Chincha
Available Seat: -2
Precio: USD 69 per Person / Min 2 Pers
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Tour in Chincha Full Day

Tour in Chincha 

Tour in Chincha Tour in Chincha


City Tour in Chincha Full Day Hacienda San Jose, El Carmen, Grocio Prado, Huaca la Centinela


The city of Chincha is a province rich in history, culture and tradition, it represents the memory of our ancestors and Chincha means after all if know our customs and our culture to value it and above all appreciate what Peru has.



Start location and time: 09:00 from your hotel or bus station in Chincha
Tour duration: Full Day
Minimum required: 02 passengers
Advance reservation: Advance coordination.
Type of service: Custom
Availability: Every day
Tour language: Spanish
End of service: Hotel or bus station in Chincha



Tour in Chincha Full Day, in this tour you will have the opportunity to get to know the city of Chincha, its cultural and artisanal benefits,

additionally you will be able to appreciate the combination of Chincha and Inca architecture, we will tour the Huaca la Centinela Archaeological Complex and you will also enjoy its delicious gastronomy.



Archaeological visits
Cultural and gastronomic visits
Guided visits
Historical visits



Private Mobility
Wine and pisco tasting,
Visit to the La Centinela Archaeological Center and Hacienda San Jose
Professional guide with extensive experience in tourism
You will have the opportunity to learn about history, culture, gastronomy and more.



09:00 a.m. We will begin our Tour in Chincha with the pick-up from your hotel or the bus station in Chincha by a representative of Emotion Tour Perú accordingly and afterwards begin the Tour in Chincha.


Visiting the Plaza de Armas of Chincha,

We will take a tour of the center of the city of Chincha and learn about its history and significance over time.


Grocio Prado District.

Here we will be able to appreciate the house of Beatita Melchorita, she is highly revered by the population of Chincha and they show great devotion towards her, it is also a good place to appreciate the crafts and typical sweets of the region.


Sunampe District,

This district is characterized by its production of wines and pisco, here we will visit an artisanal winery and take a short tour of its facilities and you will also be able to taste its products.


The Huaca La Centinela, also called Ciudadela or archaeological complex of Chinchaycamac

We will continue our visit to Chincha by visiting the district of Chincha Baja, this district was created in the Republican era.

In this place is the Huaca La Centinela archaeological complex, this was the main settlement of the Chincha culture, which is characterized by being great navigators and expert traders.

This archaeological site is attributed to the ancient Chinchanos (1200 AD-1450 AD), who would have built it before being conquered by the Incas. They modified the structure by incorporating some elements typical of Inca architecture.


Carmen District

El Carmen is recognized for being the cradle of Afro-Peruvian folklore, since the local people demonstrate their dance and playing of the cajon, in the heart of the main square of the Carmen district, at the same time we will appreciate its beautiful colonial church.


Hacienda San José House.

One of the main places where people of color were slaves and after their rebellion they built their homes around the Casa Hacienda.

We will take a tour of the Hacienda and catacombs, a place of punishment for the slaves who were revealed and we will also see its beautiful chapel.

Then you will be taken to a typical restaurant where you can enjoy the best typical dishes in the city.

Then you will be returned to your hotel or the bus station in Chincha at approximately 4:00 pm.



✔  Tourist transportation.
✔  Everything described according to the itinerary
✔  Official tourist guide.
✔  Tourist tickets.
✔  Guide
✔  Assistance

Not included:

✘ Meals.



Cap or Hat.
Backpack or small bag.
Sunscreen and/or repellent.
Photographic camera or video recorder.


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